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  Luoyang bearing precision machinery Co., Ltd. Is a subsidiary of Luoyang, which is located in Luoyang national high-tech industry development zone.   Shaft to grind precision machine inherits the shaft research technology of 50 years of process equipment, instrumentation technology and talent advantages, there are more than middle and senior technical personnel, including 2 senior engineers, senior engineers, over the years has been committed to the industry bearing equipment, special test instrument, gas liquid lubrication, and other fields, and promote development of multi-disciplinary and standards, including high-speed roundness instrument, friction torque measuring instrument, laser roughness is awarded national invention and progress prize in science and technology, precision ball bearing ring grinding ultra precision automatic production line, the surface morphology of bearing vibration measuring instrument, intelligent measuring instrument and so on more than 10 scientific research item of machinery is a scientific and technological progress, second prize. With more than 10 patents for invention, more than 40 new patents are applicable.
  Shaft to grind precision machine adopts modern enterprise system and the management pattern, take the market as the guidance, the revitalization of industry as its mission, to provide you with advanced bearing processing technology and equipment, testing instruments, testing machine, can also provide you with the development of special equipment and testing instruments, axes to grind precision machine will advance and peer together bearing equipment technology development in our country.


Main product:

ball1.gif (970 bytes)Processing equipment
Roller superfine machine,
  External diameter finishing machine Special grinding machine for sewing machine for sewing machine  Cold mill,    Semi-automatic multi-function grinding machine, Bearing special grinder and superfine machine
ball1.gif (970 bytes)Testing machine
Bearing life testing machine,   Bearing simulator ,   Other bearing testing machines.
ball1.gif (970 bytes)Instrument:
    Roundness measuring instrument, Cylindricity measuring instrument, Bearing friction torque measuring instrument, Bearing vibration measuring instrument, Bearing noise measuring instrument, Bearing dynamic radial & axial clearance measuring instrument, Bearing Convex value Measuring Instrument, Measuring Instrument for Contact Angle of Bearings, Duplex bearings pre-load& Axial Rigidity measuring instrument, Precision Bearing inner and Outer Ring Running Accuracy Measuring Instrument.

ball1.gif (970 bytes)Precision parts:
    Various KD Series Air-floating spindle, MD Series Dense-ball spindle, Air-floating Turntable.

ball1.gif (970 bytes)Designing and manufacturing the precision instruments for various parameters such as roundness, Cylindricality, profile, roughness, clearance, friction torque, vibration, bearing life and other dynamic performance, etc.

ball1.gif (970 bytes)Designing and manufacturing various automatic production line, assembly line and checking line.

ball1.gif (970 bytes)Designing and manufacturing various precision spindle and slideway.

ball1.gif (970 bytes)Maintaining, repairing and upgrading various imported or domestic instruments and equipment.


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